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Gold Island

Gold Island

Date(s): Saturday, April 23, 2016
Hours: 9:00 AM
Event: Gold Island

The rain did not hold us back as we helped IDFG staff plant the last of 12 quail “condo’s” along side of the new 2 inch irrigation distribution line.  Each of the 12 habitat structures included about 13 shrubs planted by the drip lines that came off the new irrigation line from the pumps we purchased through our chapter.   The plantings are nicely spaced about 100 yards apart in a natural drainage across the old field.   The design should allow quail coveys to travel to connecting habitat across the island.   The rain was welcomed as now the plants are getting a great jump start on the growing season.   Thanks to all on the chapter committee 2014-2016 we are well on our way to improved habitat for quail and other wildlife.  


Host Location

Gold Island
30845 Old Fort Boise Road, Parma ID (Map Location)