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Snake River Quail Forever Chapter 3208 - Youth Page

Snake River Quail Forever Chapter 3208 - Youth Page

Idaho's Next Generation

Welcome to the next generation in conservation and hunting enthusiasts. In efforts to help our younger generation play a larger role in our efforts to conserve and provide habitat for upland game, our chapter provides today's youth with opportunities to learn about what Quail Forever is truly about. We provide conservation educational materials, safety of firearms and mentor youth hunts for those kids who may not have the same opportunities as most. Take a moment and read about our youth events or find out how you can become a key component of helping future Quail Forever Members.

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Ft. Boise Youth Hunt 10.07.2017

Ft. Boise Youth Hunt 10.07.2017

These kids had the best time ever! Everyone got a bird or two and they loved it! Great job guys! Thanks to all the volunteers that made this hunt a success!

Free Youth Mentor Hunt

Free Youth Mentor Hunt

October 7th, 2017 Youth Pheasant Hunt at the Ft. Boise WMA (Facilitated and Sponsored by Snake River Chapter of Quail Forever, Idaho Fish & Game, and the Ft. Boise WMA)

 Pheasant Hunting Enthusiasts please review the information below.

 The cost for each Hunter for this Hunt is 100% picked up by the Snake River Chapter of Quail Forever. The only thing you'll need is a Hunter Safety Certificate and an Idaho Hunting License.  SRQF will provide a Hunting Vest, Hat, ear plugs, safety glasses, .20 Gauge youth shotguns, ammo, food, drinks etc. We also will have Pointing & Flushing dogs, and Dog handlers along with a Quail Forever Hunting Mentor for each Youth.  Parents can trail behind with cameras to capture this incredible day.  We do safety training and possibly practice on a Clay Pigeon Range before the hunt.

 So the facts are that we have room for 12 kids on Oct. 7th, 2017 for the IDFG Youth Pheasant Hunt opening weekend at the Ft. Boise WMA. This is a large wildlife area near Parma.  A map and directions to the area will be furnished.  If you are interested in participating we will need some information for each youth.  Based on the information provided and number of responses, we can than get the invites out and secure those 12 spots and figure out some options for any remaining kids.  Sign-ups will all be on a first come, first served basis.

 If you have kids (ages 10-15) who are interested please provide us with the following information for each child:

 Child's Full Name:

 Child's Age the day of the Hunt Oct. 7th:

 Parent/Guardian's Name:

 Best Email address:

 Best Phone Number contact:  (We prefer a cell number as it is great when we need a quick answer or there is a schedule change we need to get out quick)

 Will they be Hunter Safety Certified by the day of the Hunt?  **Note** Must be Hunter Certified and have an Idaho Hunting License day of the Hunt.  No Exceptions.

 Have they participated in a youth hunt before?:

 If So, when?:

 Would this be your first time Pheasant Hunting?:

Would this be your first time Hunting anything? (Birds or Big Game?):

 For now this is all the information we need.  The sooner you can get back to me the better we hope to be able to accommodate everyone.  I look forward to hearing from you.


 Chuck Robinson

 SRQF Youth Programs Coordinator

 208-473-4997 Home

A Kid in the Boat

A Kid in the Boat

A Kid in the Boat

by Chris Smith

It seems everywhere in the sporting world, regardless of the innovations to every nuance of hunting and fishing, one constant message rings loudest: We need to get more kids involved. Do not be fooled – our sporting passion will be taken from us if hunter numbers continue to dwindle, and the young hunters, as they always have, represent the best avenue to keep our traditions going.

 While many of us have good intentions of making our sons or daughters our hunting buddies, let’s face it, life is busy. Kids are into everything, as they always have been, but the modern grade-schooler is bombarded with more distractions than ever. It used to be you chose a sport and that was it, maybe two. Now it’s year-long baseball, soccer, lacrosse, martial arts, etc., and on the so-called "downtime," kids have their noses in one of a host of electronic devices. If hunting is to become a part of their lives, starting early is the key. And I mean early.

 Checklist for the Young Hunter


Start off slowly with shooting lessons. Teach pointing rather than aiming – a .22 rifle with birdshot and breeze-blown balloons in an open field are a great introduction. When it’s time for a shotgun, do the best you can to get the gun to fit the youngster (a whole topic onto itself).

    • If at all possible, never turn down the young hunter when he asks to go, and end the hunt when his attention starts to wane – just as you’d end a training session with a pup before it got bored.

    • Encourage his interest in hunting, but don’t force it. Some days he may not want to go, and that’s fine.

    • Show and teach respect for the game you collect, and let him or her help clean it and maybe even help prepare it for the table. We eat what we shoot.

    • Don’t fixate on taking a limit; stress the enjoyment of just being out there.

    • Bring plenty of snacks. Kids in a duck blind are bottomless pits.

Reprinted courtesy of:

 Jillian LaCross

 Associate Editor, The Retriever Journal

 2779 Aero Park Drive

 Traverse City, MI 49686


Youth Hunter Safety and Education

Youth Hunter Safety and Education

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase quail for miles, safety is one of the most important aspects. We promote and encourage hunter safety in the field. Through these classes and education, we show both youth and adults the proper ways to hold, maneuver and provide gun care. Those who are not familiar with a gun, will become comfortable with handling their firearm so that they can enjoy their hunts successfully. For more information when or where our hunting safety classes can be found, please follow the links below.

Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

Quail Forever mentored pheasant hunts are the ideal way to introduce kids and teens to hunting. Experienced volunteer hunters from our chapter coach youth on the importance of firearm safety, wildlife habitat and hunting technique.

SRQF 2019 Youth Hunt!

SRQF 2019 Youth Hunt!

SRQF Youth Hunt was held on October 5 2019 at K-Bar-T Ranch. Thanks to all who participated!